Artist statement

My art is a reaction to everything that I counter in my life like politics and humans or humans actions.

For me I think that art is done by humans and have to speak about these humans, the humans that don’t have a sound and have no existence in the eye of the elite

My job as an artist is to question the actions and the power resource of the elite, and to show what humans want and feel every day, my job is to question everything from politics to religion

One of the artists that inspires me in doing art  is Naji AL-Ali, his work and his ideas are stuck in my head.

I use painting as my preferred choice of doing art but I work with drawing, photography, installation, video art and sound art.

I prefer using painting because it’s one of the oldest ways of making art and because of the varieties of techniques that I can use in every painting, I know how to paint and I know that it’s one of the best things that I can do

The main inspiration for making art for me is that painting is a hobby that I enjoy doing, that was the 1st step in doing art and now I don’t do it only because it’s my preferred hobby but also because I want to change a lot of things that are around me

Things that I might not change by myself but I’m sure my artworks will live enough to change things

My artworks are a piece of me, from my heart to the viewer eye, ever piece that I make is like a child.

In every piece that I make a part of my soul gets attached to.